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W.m Eales.
W.m Eales. The Scientific Professor in his attitude of Seld Defence. Height 5 feet 8½ Inch. Weight 11 Stone 4lb. Age 27. N.B. Portraits of all the Principal Pugilists will be executed in a uniform style.
Drawn from the life & Etch'd by Easto.
London Pub. Feb. 23 1819 by S.W. Fores 50 Piccadilly.
Etching on Whatman paper watermarked 1816. 415 x 290mm. Trimmed to plate at sides, some wear.
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John Martin.
John Martin. He was by trade a baker...
Drawn & Etched from the life by Easto.
London Pub. Feb.y 1st 1819 by S.W. Fores, 50 Piccadilly [but later].
Coloured etching. 415 x 285mm (16¼ x 11¼") very large margins Some restoration lower left.
A boxer, fists raised.
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Marshal Ney.
Marshal Ney. Duke of Elchingen, Prince of Moskwa, Peer of France. Who was Shot for Treason, Dec.r 8, 1815.
Gerard pinx.t. A. Easton Sculp.t.
Published April 9th 1816 by Edw.d Orme, Bond Street, corner of Brook Street, London.
Stipple, with very large margins. 260 x 205mm (10¼ x 8").
François Gérard's famous portrait of Marshal Michel Ney (17690815), in ceremonial uniform. He fought for Napoleon from begining to end: after his command of French rear-guard on the Retreat from Moscow in 1812 he was jokingly referred to as 'the last Frenchman on Russian soil. Although he persuaded the emperor to abdicate and accept his first exile in 1814 and prepared a force to stop Napoleon reaching Paris during the Hundred Days, Ney joined with Napoleon in 1815. At the Battle of Waterloo, seeing the day was lost, Ney led a final charge, shouting to his men 'Come see how a marshal of France dies!'. However he survived, only to be shot for treason, one of very few of Napoleon's generals not to be exonerated by the restored Bourbon monarchy.

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