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[Boy dangling key whilst studying.]
[Boy dangling key whilst studying.]
Thomson delin. Easling sculp.
[n.d. c.1820.]
A fine mezzotint, printed in colour. Image 209 x 183mm. 8¼ x 7¼". Trimmed into the title area.
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Hark! "And sits with lively wonder on the shore, To hear, within her shell the ocean's roar." From the Original Picture in the Collection of F. Freeling Esq.r to whom this Print is respectfully Dedicated by his Oblig'd & Obed.t Serv.t Rob.t Cribb.
Painted by H. Howard Esq.r R.A. Engraved by I.C. Easling.
Published Feb.y 2. 1812, by Rob.t Cribb & Son, 288 High Holborn.
Mezzotint, very rare. 433 x 292mm. 17 x 11½". Trimmed under platemark.
A little girl with short hair kneeling on the sea-shore, directed to right, holding up her apron full of shells with her left hand, holding a shell to her left ear with the other and looking towards the viewer.
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