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Major G****n & Lady landing at Southampton in Cripples walk
Major G****n & Lady landing at Southampton in Cripples walk
[W. Austin]
Pubd as the Act Directs May 1st 1773
Engraving, rare, 270 x 375mm. 10½ x 14½".
Scene at Southampton, with the Isle of Wight faintly visible in the background. In the foreground a man stands with crutches to support his gouty foot is followed by a woman carrying a bottle labelled 'Hartshorn'. Nearer the shore are several figures, one of whom is labelled 'The Rabbit Doctor', and who carries a large rabbit under his arm. 'This is St. André (1680-1776), an unqualified but fashionable surgeon who investigated the case of Mary Tofts in 1726, who professed to be delivered of rabbits [...] He vouched for her story in all its impossible details. In spite of the scandal caused by its exposure he eloped with, and afterwards married, Lady Elizabeth Molyneux on the night of the death of her husband whom he had been professionally attending. They settled in Southampton about 1750' (Stevens and George). This episode was also depicted by William Hogarth in his engraving 'Cunicularii, or the Wise Men of Goodliman in Consultation'. Engraved by William Austin (1721-1820).
BM Satire 5115. For a portrait of Mary Tofts, see ref. 18959
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