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Sir Walter Rawleigh.
Sir Walter Rawleigh. Rawleigh, alike eminent in the field, and in the closet, presents a life the most fertile of incidents, of all our illustrious men. He was descended from an ancient family in Devonshire; and, while at Oxford, displayed uncommon talents, and a passion for academical studies; but the activity of his temper led him to more enterprizing schemes of life...This illustrious man was, at once, a scholar, a statesman, a navigator, and a soldier. We know not in which to admire him most-such was the felicity and rarity of his genius!
From Houbraken. Audinot sc.
Pub.d Harrison & Co. April 1.1794.
Engraving. Plate of image 64 x 58mm (2½ x 2¼"). Printed area 190 x 89mm (7½ x 3½"). Cut.
Sir Walter Ralegh (or Raleigh, 1552? - 1618), famed naval commander, explorer and author.
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