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Vista de la Fuente del Cisne. En el Rl. Sitio de Aranjuez.
Vista de la Fuente del Cisne. En el Rl. Sitio de Aranjuez.
F. Brambilla lo pintó. Asselineau lo lithogó
J. de Madrazo lo dirigió. Estda. En el Re. Esto. Litho. De Madrid. [n.d. c.1845.]
Lithograph. Lithographers Stamp. 610 x 451mm. 24 x 17¾". Some water staining.
Los Jardines de Aranjuez: a series of woods and parks beautifully landscapes and ornamented with numerous fountains and statues. This particular fountian, a work of Joaquin Dumandre and inspired by Palacio Real de La Granja de San Ildefonso, presents a boulder on which stand two boys of marble grabbing a swan. Resotred in 2009 having been destroyed and left unattended after the War of Spanish Independence.
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Hôtel Byron.
Hôtel Byron. Lac de Genève, entre Chillon et Villeneuve (Suisse). Tenu par Gustave Wolff.
Asselineau lith. Imp. Frick f.res, 17, r del'Estrapade, près le Panthéon, Paris.
[n.d., c.1870.]
Tinted lithograph. Sheet 125 x 190mm (5 x 7½"). Trimmed to printed border on three sides and around title at bottom.
A view of Hôtel Byron, between Chillon and Villeneuve on Lake Geneva, which was the largest hotel on the Riviera when it opened in 1841. However only two years later it was up for sale by auction. It reopened in 1849 but closed for renovation soon after. The Wolff brothers took it over in 1861 and by 1870 Gustave was the sole proprietor. He could not make the hotel pay and sold up, and his successor failed also. It then became Chillon College, a school for British colonials, described by the Singaporean newspaper The Straits Times described it as the 'Eton of Switzerland'. The building burned down in 1933.
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Vue du Village de Nama. (Vanikoro.)
Vue du Village de Nama. (Vanikoro.)
de Sainson pinx. Asselineau lith. Fig par V. Adam.
J. Tastu Editeur. Lith. de Lemercier. [Paris, n.d. c.1833.]
Lithograph. 330 x 519mm. 13 x 20½".
A view of the village of Nama, Vanikolo, Solomon Islands. French sailors arriving the bay greeted by the locals with gifts and small boats to help them reach the shoreline. Numbered 'Pl.183' upper right; from 'Voyage de la Corvette l'Astrolabe', the account of Jules Dumont D'Urville's important expedition to the South Seas between 1826 and 1829. Publisher's blindstamp below title. After Louis Auguste de Sainson (1801 - 1887).
NLA: 2923270. Ex Norman Blackburn Collection.
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