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[The Toilet of Venus.]
[The Toilet of Venus.] Littore gemmifero terra letatur adora [...].
Franciscus Albanus inv.t et pinxit.
Stef. Baudet Gall. Sculp. Rome 1672. 1.
Etching and engraving. Platemark: 600 x 670mm (23½ x 26¼"). Few repairs. Laid on conservation paper.
Venus reclines, gazing into a mirror held by Cupid with attendants fixing her hair and a putto tying her sandal. Her chariot appears on a cloud above, with an elaborate fountain to the left, and a porticoed temple to the right. Plate 1 from a series of four works reproducing a set of paintings commissioned by Ferdinando Gonzaga for the villa Favorita, Mantua, and executed between 1621 and 1633. The paintings were later bought by Paolo Francesco Falconieri, who in 1672 commissioned Etienne Baudet to engrave the set. The engravings were sent to French Minister Louvois, and was subsequently acquired by Louis XIV (1684). The paintings are still in the Louvre.
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