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[Two drunkards]
[Two drunkards] A deux porton bien un tonneau de biere Un chargé d'un pot tombe en larduiere [parallel text in German and Dutch]
[Carolus Manderinus inventor] Nicolaus Brauius fecit hoc
[Honervogt exc]
Engraving, sheet 225 x 170mm (8¾ x 6¾"). Trimmed, losing some text; glued to backing sheet.
The effects of too much wine! A drunken man, vomits while collapsed on the floor, while another tries to draw his attention to two men behind carrying a large barrel. Genre scene after Karel van Mander I (1548-1606). Van Mander is now chiefly remembered as an important writer on art, but there are also some 150 engravings after his designs, many of which have a Christian moral below the image provided either by van Mander or one of the Haarlem schoolmasters he was acquainted with.
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[The Scales of Marriage]
[The Scales of Marriage] True love, God wat, is quite & clean forlorn / When Parents Daughters in the ballance weigh [...]
[Nicolaes Braeu after Karel van Mander, c.1600]
Engraving, sheet 240 x 170mm (9½ x 6¾"). Trimmed. Few ink stains on right.
Second plate from a set of six engravings by Nicolaes Braeu after Karel van Mander illustrating proverbs. The set was issued c.1592; this is a later reissue with the Dutch text replaced by text in English and Latin, and the plate number 2 in the lower left corner effaced. A preparatory drawing by van Mander is in the Albertina, Vienna.
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