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AUZ ARMÉES ALLIÉES.  Opgedragen aan Hare Majesteit de Koninginder Nederlanden Door de Ervan J. Allart.
AUZ ARMÉES ALLIÉES. Opgedragen aan Hare Majesteit de Koninginder Nederlanden Door de Ervan J. Allart. Afbeelding van het Glorieryk tydstip van den Veldslag by WATERLOO op den XVIIIden va Somermaand MDCCCXV, waar op aan den Herlog van Hellington opperbevelhebber, door oenige Schotten de op het Fransche Leger veroverde Adelaars worden aangeboden. Tableau Representant to mement de la Gorieuse Bataille de WATERLOO le 18 Juin 1815, Ou quelques Escossais presentent au Duc Wellington General en Chef les Aigles Conqui sur les Francais.
M. J. van Bree Pinxt. P. Velyn Sculpt.
[Published by] J. Allart.
Engraving. 810 x 635mm. Creases in margins outside image but along bottom of title.
Johannes Allart: Amsterdam. Mathieu Lgnace Van Bree. The moment the French. ' The Greys, who had been in a theoretical reserve position, moved straight to their front, which took them through the ranks of the Gordons. The head of the French Division was now only 20 yards away and the Greys simply walked into the 1st/45th Infantry of the Line. There was no gallop and no 'charge.' It is clear from the French report that they did not expect to see British cavalry materializing through the ranks of the British infantry. When the cavalry hit them, the 45th were in the act of forming line, and their 1st battalion was at once thrown into violent confusion, already shaken by the fire of the 92nd. The regimental eagles were carried by the 1st battalion of all French infantry regiments, and in a few minutes the Greys were in the midst of the battalion, at which stage Sergeant Charles Ewart of Captain Vernor's troop captured the eagle of the 45th. He was ordered to take it to the rear, which he reluctantly did, but sat on his horse for sometime watching the engagement before finally setting off for Brussels with his trophy. The rest of the French columns believed what they saw could only be an advance guard, and were now under the mistaken impression that they were being attacked by large numbers of cavalry. The Royal Dragoons and Inniskilling charged Donzelot's Division and the Eagle of the 105th Regiment was taken by the Royal Dragoons. These were the only two Eagles captured during the entire Waterloo campaign.'
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