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Le Philosophe Democrite.
Le Philosophe Democrite. De la Galerie du Palais Royal. Ecole Napolitaine.
Peint par Joseph Ribera. Dessine par Borel. Grave par Lorieux.
[French, c.1800.]
Engraving, sheet 245 x 175mm. 9½ x 7". Trimmed from a larger sheet, lacking text description and printed border, crease.
Democritus (c.460 BCE – c.370 BCE) was an Ancient Greek philosopher born in Abdera, Thrace, Greece. Known as the 'laughing philosopher', he smiles broadly. Democritus was an influential pre-Socratic philosopher and pupil of Leucippus, who formulated an atomic theory for the cosmos. Here he is placed among classical ruins in a landscape, compass in left hand and pointing at a spot on a globe with his right hand; quill pen and papers and books to left. From 'Galerie du Palais Royal', a set published between 1786 and 1808.
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[Saint Onophrius]
[Saint Onophrius] Quadro di Giuseppe Ribera d:o lo Spagnoletto Alto Palmi 6 once 2 Largo Pal. 4 once 10 XV
Gius. Magni dis. Carlo Faucci sc. [c.1759]
Engraving, platemark 400 x 300mm (15¾ x 11¾") very large margins.
Saint Onophrius, after the 1642 painting by Jusepe de Ribera now in the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. A skull in foreground. This print was made as part of a set, 'Raccolta di stampe rappresentanti i quadri più scelti dei SS. Marchesi Gerini di Firenze', reproducing paintings from the Gerini collection in Florence. The painting entered the Gerini collection in the late seventeenth century and remained there until the nineteenth century.
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[A Poet]
[A Poet]
Spanulet pinx.t. Marchie fecit.
Publish'd by J. Wesson in Litchfield Street Soho [n.d., c.1766]
Mezzotint, with very large margins; platemark 330 x 230mm (13 x 9"). Repaired tears to margins.
Rare mezzotint by Joshua Reynolds' studio assistant Giuseppe Marchi, from a painting attributed here to José de Ribera (who as a Spanish painter working in Naples was widely known as Spagnoletto, 'the Spaniard'). The imagery recalls representations of Italian poets such as Tasso and Ariosto.
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S.t Peter.
S.t Peter. In the Collection of J. Barnard Esq.r.
Spagnolet pinx.t. Ja.s M.c Ardell fecit.
[n.d. c.1740.]
Fine mezzotint, 18th century watermark, plate 330 x 230mm (13 x 9"). Small margins. Several creases to left edge, some spots.
Portrait of St Peter with a fish in right hand, holding the hook in left hand. Looking towards the viewer, wearing a loose dark garment, open at the throat.
Goodwin 103.
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