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Jo.s Caius Medicus.
Jo.s Caius Medicus.
[n.d., 1620.]
Engaving. Sheet 150 x 115mm (6 x 4½"). Trimmed to image at sides, laid on album paper.
John Caius (born John Kays, 1510-73), physician, nine times president of the College of Physicians, and second founder of Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge. He obtained the grant for the college to receive the bodies of executed criminals for dissection, helping in the advance of anatomical knowledge.
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[Francis Drake]
[Francis Drake] Franciscus Drake Miles Auratus [...]
[Crispijn de Passe, 1620.]
Engraving, sheet 165 x 115mm (6½ x 4½"). Trimmed; laid on album sheet.
Sir Francis Drake (1540-1596) the most famous of all English seafarers, his hand on a globe. Drake earned his fame and fortune through his skilful seamanship and outstandindingly successful piracy. His circumnavigation of the globe from 1577-81 involved a number of very profitable raids on Spanish ships and ports. His increasingly frequent and serious attacks during the 1580s were an important factor contributing to Philip II's decision to launch the Armada against English in 1588. Drake served as vice-admiral of the English fleet which defeated the Armada. By Dutch engraver, draughtsman and painter Crispijn de Passe the Elder (c.1565-1637) who produced portraits of European nobility, as well as religious, mythological and allegorical prints and books.
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Hortus Floridus [frontispiece]
Hortus Floridus [frontispiece] In quo rariorum & minus vulgarium florum Icones ad vivam veramos formam accuratissime delineatae [...]
Crisp. Passaeus excud: ultr
Extant Arnhemy Apud Joannem Jansonium Bibliopolam ibid
Engraving, platemark 150 x 210mm (6 x 8¼"). Damaged; glued to backing sheet.
Frontispiece to the 'Hortus Floridus', one of the best-known of the many 17th flower books. The frontispiece includes portraits of the botanist Carolus Clusius (1526-1609) who played an important role in introducing the tulip to Western Europe, and his fellow botanist Rembert Dodoens (1517-1585). The book's plates were engraved by Crispijn de Passe junior (1589-1670), part of a famous printmaking family. The book consisted of two parts: the first comprised of some 175 illustrations of mostly bulbous and tuberous plants, and the second reproduced fruit, trees, and medicinal plants.
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[Title-Page to Thomas Scott, 'Vox Dei']
[Title-Page to Thomas Scott, 'Vox Dei'] O Death where is thy sting? O Hel where is thy victory [...]
[Crispijn de Passe the Elder, 1623]
Engraving, sheet 175 x 125mm (7 x 5"). Trimmed and glued to album sheet.
Christ standing on Satan, Sin and Death, and holding a triangle including full-length portraits of James I in the centre and Charles, prince of Wales (trampling on the heads of the Pope and two kings) above him. Frontispiece to 'Vox Dei' by the protestant polemicist Thomas Scott (d.1626), who at this time of publication was living on the continent and writing consistently in defence of the protestant cause. He was murdered while on his way to church in Utrecht in 1626.
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[Thomas Percy]
[Thomas Percy] Thomas Percius Mobilis Anglus Conspirationis Ao MDCV Initae Prceps [...]
[Anon., c.1605]
Very rare engraving, 165 x 190mm (6½ x 7½"). Trimmed and glued to backing sheet at edges.
Thomas Percy (1560-1605), conspirator involved in the Gunpowder Plot (he leased the ground-floor vault under the Lords' chamber where Guy Fawkes, posing as Percy's servant, was arrested). In autumn 1605, shortly before the plot was due to take place, Percy studied the routine of James I's younger son Charles, planning to kidnap him. After Fawkes' arrest, Percy joined the rebellion which followed alongside his fellow conspirator Catesby; in their last stand at Holbeach House, the two men were shot and killed with a single bullet. German portrait of Percy with two vignettes from Percy's life.
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[Maarten van Tromp]
[Maarten van Tromp] Den Edlen Manhaften Helt Marten Harpers Tromp Leutenant Admirael over de Zee der vereenich de Provincien
Crispin van de Pas delin
A.V. Waesberg exc [c.1640]
Engraving, sheet 275 x 200mm (10¾ x 8"). Trimmed; tipped into album sheet. Rare.
Maarten van Tromp (1598-1653), the famous Dutch admiral, scourge of the English navy during the First Anglo-Dutch War (1652-3). Portrait surrounded by ship portraits and battle scenes, including depictions of the Battle of the Downs (21 October 1639), a battle in the English Channel in which Tromp's fleet decisively defeated the Spanish forces of Admiral Antonio de Oquendo.
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