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[Germany] Johann Gottfried Morell
[Germany] Johann Gottfried Morell Fur: utr: Com: Pal: Cæs: Reipubl. Augustanæ Senator, Ædelis Curiæ Artificum Mercatorum et Opificum Præfectus, Scholarcha &c. natus Augustæ Vindelicorum die 16. Martii Ao. 1720.
Zeuger pinxit. D.H.Degmair fecit.
[n.d., c.1782.]
Mezzotint. Sheet 335 x 220mm. Narrow margins.
Architect, member of the city council of Augsburg, frobably the son of Johann Georg Morell, 1690-1763. He is holding a map of the river Lech: it seems he was involved in making it navigatable.
Ex: Collection of The Hon. C. Lennox-Boyd.
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