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George Wilson, the pedestrian, Aged 50.
George Wilson, the pedestrian, Aged 50. As he appeared on the morning of Sept.r 19th 1815, being the ninth day of performing the arduous task of walking fifty miles per day for twenty successive days.
C. Woodward del.
Pubd. Sept.r, 21st 1815. by Tho.s Palser Westminster Bridge Road, Lambeth.
Coloured etching. Image 190 x 245mm. Trimmed to plate on 3 sides. Slightly faded with one repaired tear upper right
George Wilson, the 'Blackheath Pedestrian', sets out on his thousand-mile walk, September 19th, 1815. The intention was to walk around and around the heath - a thousand miles in a thousand hours - and attracted a huge number of spectators. The walk was not completed because the authorities, fearing a riot, arrested George. During the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, pedestrianism was a popular spectator sport. Interest has wained, although it is still an Olympic sport.
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