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Friedrich August Koenig von Sachsen.
Friedrich August Koenig von Sachsen.
C. Vogel gem. M. Steinla gest.
Gedruckt bei Durand & Sauvé in Paris. Verlegt bei Ernst Arnold in Dresden [n.d., c.1820].
Rare engraving with etching. 360 x 280mm (14¼ x 11"), large margins.
Half-length portrait in uniform of Frederick Augustus (1750-1827, last Elector of Saxony (1763-1806), then King of Saxony, and Duke of Warsaw from 1807 to 1815. He inherited the Polish throne in 1798, but he refused because of the repercussions of the Partitions of Poland by Austria, Russia and Prussia. However in 1807 he became the Duke of Napoleon's Duchy of Warsaw. Engraved by Moritz Steinla (1791-1858) after Christian Leberecht Vogel (1759-1816).
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