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March 10 1857. G Baxter Proprietor and Patentee London. [after Bartholomew Valentine.]
A fine Baxter print, with vibrant colour. Image 370 x 265mm (14½ x 10½"), on backboard. Backboard stained at edges.
A group of Hollyhocks after Valentine Bartholomew (1799-1879), 'Flower Painter in Ordinary to the Queen' from 1837. His 'Azaleas ' and 'Camellias' are in the Victoria & Albert Museum. A fine example of a Baxter print, in which oil-based paints were printed from multiple woodblocks over an etched or aquatint outline. Despite the fine results the process was soon superceded by chromolithography, which was much more cost-effective.
CL 276A
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