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[Manuel Jorge Gomes de Sepúlveda]
[Manuel Jorge Gomes de Sepúlveda] Sepulveda em Bragança Alçando Amao Disse Pelo Principe Regente D. Joao. [...]
Ignacio da Silva Valente pinx. F. Bartolozzi sculp em Lisboa em 1812
Engraving, platemark 270 x 205mm (10½ x 8") very large margins.
Manuel Jorge Gomes de Sepúlveda 1735-1814), Portuguese soldier and governor of Capitania do Rio Grande de São Pedro in Portuguese-governed Brazil. Engraving by Francesco Bartolozzi (1725-1815). Born in Florence, Bartolozzi was elected a founding member of the Royal Academy in 1768 (the RA did not admit engravers at this time but made an exception in his case). He was already hailed as the best engraver in Italy when he met George III's librarian Richard Dalton in 1763. Dalton invited Bartolozzi to London with a promise of an appointment as engraver to the king. In England he became the most celebrated exponent of the 'stipple' technique whereby he produced prints using dots rather than lines. In 1801 Bartolozzi was invited to Lisbon to reform the royal printing press, and he spent his final years in Portugal. This was one of Bartolozzi's final prints; its rarity can be deduced from the fact that when Calabi and de Vesme included the print in their Bartolozzi catalogue raisonné it was without having actually seen an impression.
Calabi and de Vesme 904.i [states described incorrectly]
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