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In Commemoration of the Grand Procession,
In Commemoration of the Grand Procession, (As it appeared passing over the drawbridge, and along St. Augustine's-Parade), On the memorable Colston's Day, the 13th November, 1848, In honour of the restoration of the port and harbour to the city of Bristol, and the adoption of free port principles by the mayor and corporation, This Engraving Is Presented to the Subscribers of the Bristol Mirror and Free Port Advocate for the 6th of January 1849; and is respectfully inscribed to the United Trades of Bristol, Who organised and conducted the Procession throughout in the most admirable manner.
Drawn by S.G. Tovey. Engraved by J.L. Marcke.
Engraving, 440 x 290mm (17¼ x 11½"). Hole in bottom right, outside printed area.
Image commemorating a procession in 1848 advocating the restoration of a free port to Bristol. 'Colston' refers to Edward Colston (1636-1721), a wealthy merchant whose philanthropy earned him great respect in Bristol, where he was commemorated with statues, a concert hall and street names. However he kept secret his role as a highly placed officer in the Royal African Company (which held the monopoly on trade with Africa for gold, ivory, spices and slaves from 1672 to 1698) so successfully that early biographies do not mention it. In 2020 his links to the slave trade were the focus of the 'Black Lives Matter' protests in Bristol, during which his statue was pulled down and dumped in Bristol Harbour.
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