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Titania. Puck. What Hempen Home-Spuns Have We Swaggering Here... From the original picture in the possession of William Chamberlayne Esq.r to whom this print is respectfully inscribed by His most obliged & obedient humble Servant, Henry Thompson.
Painted by Henry Thomson R.A. Engraved by W. Say, Engraver to H.R.H. the Duke of Gloucester.
London Published March 21, 1814 by T. MacDonald, 39 Fleet Street.
Colour-printed mezzotint. 620 x 415mm. Framed. Trimmed within platemark at bottom.
A scene from 'A Midsummer's Night Dream', with Titania asleep, watched by Puck. In the background is Bottom with an ass's head.
Ex: Collection of the Hon. C. Lennox-Boyd.
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The Booroom Slave.
The Booroom Slave.
H. Thomson, R.A., del / E. Finden sc.
[Pub. by R. Ackermann, 1828.]
Steel engraving on india, sheet 115 x 75mm (4½ x 3"). Trimmed inside platemark, losing publication line; creasing on top left.
Young slave kneeling in prayer, from an 1827 painting by Henry Thomson. This print was published in the 'Forget Me Not' of 1828, where it was accompanied by a short story, 'The Booroom Slave', by the Sarah Bowditch, wife of African traveler Thomas Edward Bowditch. Bowditch's story described the plight of Inna, an African chief's daughter abducted by slave traders of Bowditch's story. The same image was subsequently used as the frontispiece for the first antislavery book published in the United States, Lydia Maria Child's 'An Appeal in Favour of That Class of Americans Called Africans'. The popularity of the image can be seen from its later use in banners in other abolitionist materials in the US. Early state before text altered.
For more information, see: Jo-Ann Morgan, 'Uncle Tom's Cabin as Visual Culture'; William Dillon Pierson, 'Black Legacy: America's Hidden Heritage'; and particularly Jill Rappoport, 'Giving Women: Alli
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Love Sheltered.
Love Sheltered. It's a cold, rainy night, and I'm wet to the skin / And I have lost my way, Ma'am: so pray let me in [...]
H. Thomson Pinx.t W.m Say Sculp.t
London, Published Nov.r 1806 by H. Macklin, 39, Fleet Street
Mezzotint, Open-letter proof, rare, platemark 655 x 415mm (25¾ x 16¼") very large margins.
Allegorical scene after one of the major works of Henry Thomson (1777-1843), engraved the same year as the Thomson painted the picture. Thomson was elected as a Royal Academician two years earlier, in 1804, and in 1825 would succeed Henry Fuseli as keeper of the Royal Academy.
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[The Finding of Perdita.]
[The Finding of Perdita.]
Painted by Henry Thomson, R.A. Engraved by I.S. Agar.
Published Aug. 21. 1832: for the Chalcographic Society, by I.S. Agar, Angel Lane, Hammersmith, and may be had of the principal Printsellers in the United Kingdom.
Stipple and engraving on india paper, proof before title with a royal crest below the image. A fine impression, with wide margins.
An illustration of William Shakespeare's 'The Winter's Tale' (Act I, Scene III): the shepherd kneels in the shelter of rocks, lifting a rich fringed shawl covering the baby Perdita with both hands; he looks up to right at a boy, who carries a basket and spade and looks down on the child in surprise and delight. A dog standing to left, a scroll and casket on the ground. This is actually a re-published plate; the print was first published in 1824. After Henry Thomson RA (1773 - 1843).
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