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John Fothergill. MD: F.R.S: S.A.~
John Fothergill. MD: F.R.S: S.A.~
Painted by G. Stuart Engraved by V. Green, Mezzotint Engraver to his Majesty and to the Elector Palatine.
Publish'd June 1st, 1781. by G. Stuart and V. Green No. 29_Newman Stret, Oxford Street.
Mezzotint. 355 x 250mm (15 x 9¾"), with large, uncut margins, mint.
Dr. John Fothergill FRS (1712-80), physician, plant collector, philanthropist and Quaker, based in London. A great friend of Benjamin Franklin, he helped to advance the interests of the Pennsylvania Hospital in England. In 1762 he sent anatomical drawings and anatomical casts of a pregnant woman to the hospital, which were greatly admired by medical students and the public, in addition to donating the first book to the hospital library. Franklin said of him: 'I can hardly concieve that a better man ever existed'. After Gabriel Stuart.
Whitman 108 ii; CS 45 ii.
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