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[The Storming of Fort Oswego, May 6th, 1814.]
[The Storming of Fort Oswego, May 6th, 1814.]
Drawn by Capt.n Steele. Engraved by R.Havell & Son.
[London: R.Havell, 1817.]
Coloured aquatint, 300 x 430mm. Some restoration, title excised, gap filled.
An extremely rare print of the storming of Fort Oswego, part of the struggle for control of Lake Ontario, during the 1812 War. After their ammunition was soaked and rendered useless during thir landing the Royal Marines were forced to make a bayonet charge against the artillery in the fort. The American commander, George Mitchell, ordered a retreat into the woods, leaving 2400 barrels of supplies and seven guns. In the foreground of the print is a British naval officer, Captain William Mulcaster, who was wounded while leading 200 sailors armed with boarding pikes. His injuries ended his active career, but he received a pension of £300, and later became aide-de-camp of William IV.
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