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Vain Glory: A Pretty Independent Print.
Vain Glory: A Pretty Independent Print. To the Independent El(ecto)rs of W(estminster) Your Vote & Intrest are desir'd at ye next general Election for an Independent Nobleman...exerting himself to preserve ye Independency of his Country, from ro:h he has receiv'd more, then-than-not than he deservs to be
Adam Stanup of Eden Pinxit. Dame Eve his Wife Sculpsit.
According to Act of P_____ 1743 [within image]
Engraving, very fine impression. 317 x 188mm (12½ x 7"). Creases, folds and tear into upper & lower edges along fold; Ms additions
John, Lord Perceval, second Earl of Egmont, elected as an independent 1741. He leans on his expensively-produced family history. Above him an allegorical figure of Fame trumpets from both ends. In the background are Whitehall and the equestrian statue of Charles I. He was not a successful politician, and is now chiefly remembered as one of the founders of the American colony Georgia in 1732.
From the Oettingen-Wallerstein Collection. BM Satires: 2615.
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