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Mrs. Forty,
Mrs. Forty, 30 years Pumper at Chelt.m Spa, Dedicated to its Visitors, by Their most Respectfull Humbl Servent J Spornberg and Published by him as the act Directs June 1st 1803.
Stipple, platemark 185 x 110mm (7¼ x 4¼").
Unusual locally-published print of the well-known Cheltenham personality Hannah Forty (1744-1816), who pumped water for the visitors to the spa from 1772 until the first day of 1816. A monument to her exists in Cheltenham Minster St. Mary's. When George III visited Cheltenham he quipped to her: 'Mrs Forty, you and your husband together make eighty'. This bon mot is often quoted to prove the king had a sence of humour, just not a very good one.
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