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Abrah. Gotth. Kaestner.
Abrah. Gotth. Kaestner. K. Grosbitt. Hofrath, Profess.d. Mathem. U. Naturlehre ander K. Univers. zu Göttengen, u. mehrer Academ. d. Wiss, u. gelehrt. Gesellschaften Miglied. Gebohr. Zu Leipzig. d.27. Sept. 1719.
E. Specht p. C. Westermayr Dessau S.
[German.] [n.d. c.1810.]
Stipple with large margins. Plate 127 x 82mm (5 x 3¼").
Abraham Gotthelf Kästner (1719-1800) the German mathematician and epigrammatist. He is better known for his epigrammatic poems, but he spent a lot of his life writing textbooks and compiling encyclopaedias. He taught at both the University of Leipzig and of Göttingen, the latter of which he was also later appointed director of the observatory. In 1789 he was made a Fellow of the Royal Society, and the crater Kästner on the Moon is named after him. The portrait was published in 'Allgemeine Geographische Ephemeriden' (Universal Geographical Ephemerides (i.e. encyclopedia)) by Friedrich Bertuch et al.
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