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[France] Maria Coniux Maximiliani.
[France] Maria Coniux Maximiliani. Imperatoris Semper Augusti Archidux Austriæ, Dux Burgundiæ et Belgarum Princeps Serenissima.
P. Soutman Effigiavit et Excud. I. Suÿderhoef Sculpsit.
Cum Priuil Sa. Cæ. M. [Haarlem, The Netherlands, c.1644.]
Engraving, first state before number, sheet 405 x 270mm. 16 x 10¾". Trimmed to image and laid on album page.
Mary, called Mary the Rich (1457 - 1482), was suo jure Duchess of Burgundy from 1477 - 1482. She wears a veil and a cross pendant, set in an oval surrounded by an ornamental border with garlands. As the only child of Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy, and his wife Isabella of Bourbon, Mary was the heiress to the vast Burgundian domains in France and the Low Countries upon her father's death in the Battle of Nancy on 5 January 1477. Her mother had died in 1465, but Mary was on very good terms with her stepmother Margaret of York, whom Charles married in 1468. Plate 6 from a series of thirteen 'Duces Burgundiae' published by Pieter Soutman (1580 - 1657).
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