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Daniel O'Connell,
Daniel O'Connell, also correct likenesses of the Duke of Wellington, the Rt. Hon. Thomas Berry Cusack Smith, Attorney-General for Ireland, Her Majesty Queen Victoria, Mr Richard Wilson Greene, Solicitor-General for Ireland, Sir Robert Peel.
Drawn from Life & on Stone by R. Evan Sly, 40 Upper Seymour St. Euston Sq.
London published March 1844 by T. Houlston, 154 Strand, & R. Evan Sly, 40 Upper Seymour St. Euston Sq.
Lithograph, printed area 295 x 230mm (11½ x 9").
Very scarce Puzzle print. Daniel O'Connell (1775 1847), Irish nationalist leader known as 'The Liberator', or 'The Emancipator'. O'Connell campaigned for Catholic Emancipation - the right for Catholics to sit in the Westminster Parliament, denied for over 100 years - and Repeal of the Union between Ireland and Great Britain. In addition to his status as the quinessential Irish national champion, O'Connell was a key figure in the emergence of European democracy (he commanded great attention on the continent during his lifetime) and was an advocate for the socially disadvantaged, including Jews, black slaves and Australian Aborigines. During the repeal campaign O'Connell was arrested on a charge of conspiracy and this portrait was published during the period he spent in England between his trial and sentencing to a year's imprisonment).Puzzle print with profile portraits of various contemporary celebrities including Queen Victoria and the duke of Wellington concealed in the floral frame.
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