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Red Grouse.
Red Grouse. 8th. Plate of the British Feather Game.
Sillett, pinxt. Turner, sculpt.
London Published July 1. 1810. at R.Ackermann's Repository of Arts 101 Strand.
Mezzotint, 375 x 444mm. Collector's stamp on verso.
A pair of red grouse in a landscape. From a series of 14 plates 'British Feather Game' published 1810 - 1812. After the painter James Sillett (1764 - 1840) born at Norwich in 1764, and, after working there for a time as an heraldic painter, came to London, where he was employed as a copyist by the Polygraphic Society. From 1787 to 1790 he studied in the schools of the Royal Academy. He became a good miniaturist, and also painted game, fruit, and flowers with considerable skill; he was an exhibitor of works of this class at the Royal Academy from 1796 to 1837. About 1804 Sillett went to reside at Lynn, where he taught drawing and made the illustrations for Richards's ‘History of Lynn,’ published in 1812. In 1810 he removed to Norwich, where he passed the remainder of his life in the constant practice of his art. He was president of the Norwich Society of Artists in 1815, but was one of the seceders from the original body.
Whitman: 836. Siltzer: pg. 79.
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