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The South-West View of the Parish Church of Ecton in Northamptonshire.
The South-West View of the Parish Church of Ecton in Northamptonshire. Ecton formerly Eketon, Echington, & in Domesday Book Echentone in Andferdesho Hundred) a Village in the Hundred of Hamfordshoe 5 miles Eastward of Northampton, 66 miles from London, in Lat: 52 Deg: 15 min: consists of about go Familys and 420 Inhabitants, Baptisms yearly about 14, Burials 10, Here were 3 manors...This Church was dedicated to St Mary Magdalen, and the Wake or Feast is kept on the Sund.y after ye. 22.d July. It consists of a Body, North and South Ile, North and South Porch, and Chancel...In removing the Earth many Sculls and Bones lying in order from East to West were dug up, and among them two Silver Coins of the Size of a Silvers pence of the following Impression (£) (The Reverse probably may be Folceard Monetarius Northamtoniae~). [a-e; lettered key with details of the corresponding buidlings.] [Below image and small oval portrait:] To John Palmer of the Inner Temple London Patron of this Church This Plate is inscribed by his Obedient and humble Serv.t Will: Hen: Toms. Ao. 1749.
J. Shipley delin.t W.H.Toms Sculp.t 1749. [Portrait:] W.Hogarth Pinx. B Baron Sculp. 1749.
A very scarce engraving. Plate 540 x 381mm. 21¼ x 15". Crease.
A large engraving of Ecton Church, Northamptonshire, at the foot of which there is a small portait head of John Palmer, Esq. Lord of the Manor of Oogenhoe and Patron os the Church.
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