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[8 plates from 'The Geognosy of the island of St Helena'.]
[8 plates from 'The Geognosy of the island of St Helena'.] The Coast near Thompson's point. No. 1. [&] Cavern at Thompson's point. No. 2. [&] Flagstaff & Barnhills with Sugar-loaf in the distance, supposed to have formed three sides of a Crater. No. 3. [&] Basaltic-strata in the Barn No. 5. [&] The Asses Ears. Lott's Wife. No 7. [&] Lott No. 8. [&] The Chimney No. 9. [&] Sandy Bay No 10.
R.F. Seale del.t. M. Gauci lith. [All but Pl 1] Printed by Graf & Soreb.
London, Published by Ackermann & Co., 96, Strand. [1836.]
Eight coloured lithographs (of 11 full-page plates), no text. Each sheet 360 x 530mm (14¼ x 21"). One plate with a tear in the margin.
Eight illustrations of the unusual geological sights of St Helena, from Robert F. Seale's 'The Geognosy of the Island of St. Helena, Illustrated in a Series of Views, Plans, and Sections'. The Subscriber's list had 104 names, including notable geologists such as Murchison, Buckland and De La Bechi, and a copy was in the library of Darwin's ship H.M.S. Beagle. Seale was born on the island and later in the employ of the East India Company worked under Henry Brooke, perhaps the islandís best known historian. In 1836 he was appointed first Colonial Secretary under the Crown, but was dismissed in 1838 and died suddenly in the following year.
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