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[The Flagellation of Christ]
[The Flagellation of Christ] O scelus; o pietas qui fers haec verbera Verbum? Erga te summus ferre coegit amor [...]
Christoff Swartz Monachiens pinxit Elias va den bosche sculp
Peter Overradt excudit [c.1610]
Engraving, pencil drawing verso; platemark 285 x 180mm (11¼ x 7"). Thread margins; staining. Later impression.
The Flagellation of Christ, a scene from the Passion of Christ which precedes the Mocking of Christ and the Crowning with Thorns. Engraved by Elias van den Bossche (c.1594-1613, fl.) after Christoph Schwarz (1548-92), Munich-based painter and draughtsman who became the Bavarian court's foremost painter of religious pictures during the reign of Duke William V. Probably a reduced copy of a scene first engraved by Jan Sadeler I as part of his Passion after Schwarz.
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