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[Dutch raid on the river Medway, June 1667, showing (top) Rochester and (below) Sheerness]
[Dutch raid on the river Medway, June 1667, showing (top) Rochester and (below) Sheerness] Afbeeldingh van de Stadt en Revier van Rochester, Chetham etc [...] Het Eylandt Shepey en 't Fort Shirenasse [...]
W. Schellinks pinx [in image upper right] R. de Hooge fecit [in image lower left]
N. Visscher excud [in image lower centre]
Etching; sheet 410 x 540mm (16 x 21¼"). Repaired along central fold; trimmed to platemark top and bottom;
Scenes from the Dutch raid on the river Medway in Kent which ended the second Anglo-Dutch war (1665-7). The Dutch, led by Michiel de Ruyter, captured the fort at Sheerness (below) and proceeded to break the chain of English defences Etching by Romeyn de Hooghe (1645-1708), exponent of the late Dutch Baroque best known for his political caricatures of Louis XIV and his prints glorifying William III and the Glorious Revolution. De Hooghe's output as an artist was broad, however, and he had other talents and responsibilities: in 1689 he was placed in charge of obtaining building materials for the royal hunting lodge of Het Loo; the same year he became a Doctor of Law at Harderwijk University; he designed ceiling paintings for municipal buildings and church windows; and he wrote several political and historical treatises. De Hooghe based the etching on works by Willem Schellinks (1623-78), who painted several versions of the Medway raid.
Landwehr: p55 1st state. See C Mendez & Grosvenor Prints "Restoration & Revolution 2002" No 5.
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