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Cupido. From a Painting of Bartholomew Schidoni in the Collection of the King of Naples.
R. Strange Neapoli delin.t. A.º 1762 Atque Londini A.º 1774 Ære incidit. Printed by Hocquet.
[London: Robert Strange, 1790.]
Engraving. 425 x 315mm (16¾ x 12½"), with large margins.
Cupid resting under a tree, his bow on the ground, his quiver tied to a branch. From a collected edition of the engravings by Sir Robert Strange (1721-92) after famous paintings, in this case Bartolomeo Schedoni (1578-1615).
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[Mother and Child.]
[Mother and Child.]
From an Orig.l Picture by Bar.o Schidone in the Collection of Doctor Brag.
[n.d., c.1800.]
Mezzotint, 360 x 260mm (14¼ x 10¼"). Margins foxed.
Mother and child, engraved by Captain William Baillie after a painting by Bartolomeo Schedoni (1578-1615). Baillie (1723-1810) retired from the army in 1761 and thereafter devoted himself to printmaking and dealing. He specialised in imitating old-master drawings and prints, using a variety of printmaking techniques.

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The Horn Book.
The Horn Book.
Schidone Pinx.t.
London, Printed & Published by A. Friedel, 252, Tottenham C.t Road. [n.d., c.1836.]
Rare lithograph. Printed area 255 x 185mm (10 x 7¼") very large margins.
A young girl with a hornbook (a primer for study, a sheet of horn with a handle), a boy looking over her shoulder. Adam Friedel (1780- death date unknown) was a Danish artist, printmaker and publisher who, after serving in the Napoleonic wars, voluntarily joined the Greek army at the start of the Greek War of Independence, fashioning himself as Danish nobility. He was exposed by a real noble who proved his backstory to be a lie. After spending a year in Egypt he took refuge in London in 1824 where he opened a lithographer's shop. Between 1825 and 1826 Friedel printed and published, both in Paris and London, twenty-four lithographs with portraits of politicians and prominent military figures of the Greek War of Independence. He had drawn the portraits himself, in most cases from nature, while J. Bouvier coloured and lithographed these images. The series was a success and he was awarded for his contributions to the Greek Struggle for Independence with two decorations. For health reasons he travelled around a lot. He travelled to Smyrna and taught at a Greek school. He stayed at the Ottoman Capital during the Crimean War and painted several portraits of various politicians. In 1865 he asked for a pension for his services to Greece however little is known about what happened to him after that and his place and date of death is unknown.
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[The Holy Family.]
[The Holy Family.] From an Orig.l Picture by Bar.o Schidone int he Collection of Doctor Brag
WB. [monogram of Captain William Baillie.]
[n.d., c.1790.] Bit later.
Mezzotint. 360 x 255mm (14¼ x 10"). Thread margins.
The Holy Family; the Virgin holding the infant Jesus in her lap, with St John as a child leaning in towards them from left, and St Joseph, leaning on a stick. Engraved after Bartolomeo Schedoni by Capt William Baillie (1723 - 1810) who retired from the army and became a picture dealer. He was also an amateur then semi-professional printmaker, later selling his plates to Boydell.
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