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Lord Byron. At the Age of 19.
Lord Byron. At the Age of 19. Engraved from the Original Picture in the possession of Sir John Cam Hobhouse. M.P. To whom this plate is respectfully dedicated.
Painted by G. Sanders. Engraved by W. Finden.
London, Published by John Murray, Albermare Street & Sold by Charles Tilt, Fleet Street. Printed by M.c.Queen.
Engraving. Sheet: 255 x 365mm (10 x 14½"). Trimmed within plate on left, right and bottom edges.
A portrait of poet Lord Byron (1788-1824) standing on the beach by a rowing boat held by Sir John Cam Hobhouse (1786-1861) the sky behind them is stormy and the seas rough. Hobhouse and Byron met whilst at Cambridge and travelled around the Mediterranean and the Levant toegther.
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[Jacob's Vision.]
[Jacob's Vision.]
Drawn & engraved by George Sanders [1845].
Mezzotint, very rare; sheet 310 x 240mm (12¼ x 9½"). Cut down from large sheet of three Old Testament scenes.
The biblical Patriarch Jacob dreaming of a staircase to heaven during his flight from Esau, as described in the book of Genesis. Originally this was part of a large (approx 48 x 73cm) sheet consisting of three scenes (the others being Moses on the Mountain and Elijah addressing God).
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