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[Cardinal Scipione Borghese as Orpheus Taming the Beasts.]
[Cardinal Scipione Borghese as Orpheus Taming the Beasts.] Si'l canto d'Orfeo...
[Gio. Battista Pasqalini.]
In Roma a 4. di Febraio 1622 [but later].
Engraving. Sheet: 530 x 370mm (21 x 14½"), mid-18th century watermark. Damaged and trimmed within plate.
A portrait of the mythological figure Orpheus who was said to be able to tame the animals with his music. The engraving is taken from a 1618 mosiac in the Villa Borghese by the artist Marcello Provenzale (1595-1631) and might have been a portrait of Cardinal Scipione Borghese (1577-1633) himself. Whilst Orpheus is traditionally plays a lyre Borghese is depicted playing the popular violin which had been developed in Italy during the 16th century. Borghese is surrounded by domestic and exotic animals, including a dragon, and birds which he has bewitched with his music.
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