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Les Amours du Bon Ton.  No.6.
Les Amours du Bon Ton. No.6. Mon Mari!!!
Ch. Philipon [signed in plate]. Lith. de Villain.
Chez Alexdre. Tessier rue St Jacques No.10 [Paris, n.d., c.1820s].
Lithograph, sheet 275 x 280mm. 10¾ x 11". Repaired holes in the upper title area with some of the original paper missing.
Social satire: a woman is surprised to see her husband burst into a room in which she is taking tea with a fashionable and handsome young man. After Charles Philipon (1800 - 1862), a satirical print for Paris periodical 'Le Charivari', published in that title's first year. Under the regime of Charles X until the Revolution of 1830 the political caricature was prohibited by censorship and therefore Philipon's work focused more on social classes and Parisian types. In November 1830 he started publishing 'La Caricature', devoted to political satire. In 1832 he published the 'Charivari' with his brother-in-law Gabriel Aubert, with whom he founded the famous publishing house Maison Aubert.
See BNF FRBNF41518303.
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Les Anges. The Angels.
Les Anges. The Angels.
CH. Philipon. Lith. de M.lle Formentin.
Chez Aubert, Galerie Vero-Dodat. Engelmann, Graf, Coindet et 14 Newmann street Oxford, St.
Lithograph. Sheet 365 x 280mm (14½ x 11"). Right edge stained.
The heads of three pretty young women with elaborate hair styles, each given wings.
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L'agreable Parfumeuse. (Paris.) N.o 25.
L'agreable Parfumeuse. (Paris.) N.o 25.
Ch. Philipon [in stone].L Imp Litho. de M.lle Formentin, rue des S.ts Peres N.o 10.
Depot chez F. Janet, rue des S.ts Peres N.o 10. Published by Charles Tilt, 86 Fleet Street, London. [n.d., c.1824].
Rare lithograph with fine hand colour, sheet 360 x 245mm (14¼ x 9½"). Foxing in borders.
From the series' Têtes de Femmes'. A woman perfume-seller holds a small lavender bag up to her face. After Charles Philipon (1800 - 1862) French lithographer, caricaturist, journalist and the founder and director of the satirical political journals La Caricature and of Le Charivari. Joséphine-Clémence Formentin (Mademoiselle Formentin) (c.1802- 1863) was a female French lithographer, publisher and printer.
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La Tabletiere.
La Tabletiere. Genre Parisien N.o 28.
Ch. Philipon del. termine par Julien. a Paris, chez Basset, M.d d'Estampes, rue S.t Jacques, n.o 64. Lithog: de Mendouze, r. S.t Pierre Monmartre n.o 10.
Paris, [n.d. c.1827-1829].
Hand coloured lithograph. 280 x 190mm (11 x 7½"), with wide margins. Faint stain in top left corner. Minor toning and creasing in margins.
A shopkeeper standing at the entrance to her shop. Her assortment of wares include a feather fan, smoking pipes, a tennis racquet and batons. Published as part of the Genre Parisien by Charles Philipon and Paul Andre Basset.
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