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[To Sam.l Oldknow Esqr. _The Proprietor, This West View of Mellor Mill in Derbyshire
[To Sam.l Oldknow Esqr. _The Proprietor, This West View of Mellor Mill in Derbyshire is with the greatest respect, inscribed by his obedient H.ble Servants, F.Jukes & V.Zanetti.]
[From an original Picture by J.Parry. Engraved by F.Jukes.]
[Published July 12th 1803 by Francis Jukes, No. 10 Howland Street _ And Vittore Zanetti, Repository of Arts, Manchester.]
Aquatint with very fine original hand colour, very large margins, proof before all letters 370 x 480mm (14½ x 18¾"), on paper watermarked 'J Ruse'. Several tears in margin, one just entering plate at bottom. Slight time staining.
Mellor Mill, a six-story cotton mill in Marple (now Greater Manchester), built by Samuel Oldknow 1793-5. Extremely rare & fine image. Oldknow (1756-1828) was a cotton manufacturer at the forefront of the Industrial Revolution. Early in his career he used the 'putting-out' system of production, distributing raw cotton to spinners and yarn to weavers who worked in their own homes and workshops. This could not compete against the Indian muslin trade, so he secured money to built this factory. A financial crisis caused by the French Revolutionary Wars put him on the brink of bankrupcy, but he was saved by a partnership with Richard Arkwright. By the time this print was published the mill had over 500 employees, including a number of parish apprentices who were brought up from London. He was known as a good employer: his farming interests allowed him to supply his workers with food and he built them housing. He also introduced his own system of paper money to pay his workforce which could be exchanged for goods at the village shop or for cash via third parties. However by the time of his death he was £206,000 in debt. Oldknow also invested in the Peak Forest Canal, on which was the Marple Aqueduct, which was also the subject of an aquatint by Joseph Parry and Francis Jukes.
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