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Revd. Wm. Huntington,
Revd. Wm. Huntington, Late Minister of the Gospel, Providence Chapel, Grays-inn Lane.
Drawn & Engraved by Thos. Overton.
London Published by Thos. Overton 51 New Bond Street Feb 7 1814.
Stipple, 355 x 265mm. 14 x 10½". A fantastic impression.
William Huntington (1745 - 1813), coal heaver and eccentric preacher. Huntington, the son of an agricultural labourer, worked in a variety of jobs including hearse driver and gardener. In 1773, he experienced a vision in which Christ appeared to him and assured him he was 'brought under the covenant love of God's elect'. He began preaching, although his views were often controversial. His doctrine was Calvinism flavoured with antinomianism, his method of interpreting scripture wholly arbitrary. He combined preaching with coal heaving and other casual work such as cobbling. Huntington had another vision in 1782, telling him to 'prophesy upon the thick boughs'. He moved to London and raised the capital to build Providence Chapel in Titchfield Street. His ministry flourished: his preaching attracted many rich and fashionable members of society and he officiated for more than a quarter of a century. A very scarce portrait, after Thomas Overton (fl.1818 - 1838), miniature painter.
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