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William Sale [facsimile signature.]
William Sale [facsimile signature.]
W.W. Ouless pinx.t P. Rajon del. [pencil signature:] Walter W. Ouless.
Published March 1876 (for the proprietors) by Tho. Agnew & Sons, London. Manchester & Liverpool.
Etching, signed in pencil by artist. Plate 419 x 330mm Crease top right.
An old man sat in a chair facing view with a large beard; a map on the wall. 'The Tablet' of 27th June 1874 reports on the Royal Academy Exhibition: 'Mr. Ouless produces three works, the principal being a superbly painted head of Mr. William Sale. The flesh tones are admirable, and the feeling of the entire works forms a strong contrast to the number of painted shadows on the walls'.
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