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Major General Sir David Baird K.C.
Major General Sir David Baird K.C.
Drawn by A.J. Oliver. Engraved by A. Cardon
London Pub. 1805 & Sold by Ant. Cardon 31 Clipstone Street Fitzroy Square.
Fine stipple. 250 x 200mm (10 x 8"). Small margins.
Sir David Baird, first baronet (1757-1829), army officer. Baird served in India (1780-1801). In the Siege of Seringapatam in 1799, Baird (who twenty years earlier had been held captive by the Indians for nearly four years) led the British troops in their assault. In the palace Baird discovered the body of Tipu Sultan (an event commemorated by Sir David Wilkie's painting 'General Sir David Baird discovering the body of the Sultaun Tippoo Sahib' (National Gallery of Scotland). Baird also served in Egypt before heading a British attack on Cape Colony in 1806, culminating in the Battle of Blauberg near Cape Town. He then served in Spain before relinquishing his command for executive office in later years.
For the Storming of Seringapatam see ref. 20809; for the Battle of Blauberg see ref. 31422.
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[Sir William Guise.]
[Sir William Guise.]
[Painted by A.J. Oliver].
[n.d. c.1810].
Mezzotint. 250 x 365mm. Grubbiness in margins.
Sir Berkeley William Guise (1775-1834), MP for Gloucestershire.
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[Henry Howard]
[Henry Howard] To his Family and Friends, who value his exalted Character and Excellencies, This engraving of Henry Howard, of Corby, Is offered by his affectionate amd grateful wife Catherine, Mary Howard.
Painted by James A. Oliver, Esq. R.A. Engraved by C. Turner, A.R.A.
Private Plate. London, Published for the Proprietor, May 16th, 1839, by Mr Turner, No 50 Warren Street, Fitzroy Square.
A rare mezzotint, privately printed at Corby Castle. Sheet 355 x 255mm (14 x 10"). Trimmed to plate.
Henry Howard (1757-1842), antiquarian and family historian. He and Charles Butler helped Charles James Fox trace the papers of James II to the Scotch College in Paris.
Whitman 268.
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Mr. Wathen.
Mr. Wathen. Proof.
A.J. Oliver A.R.A. Pinx.t. T. Bragg Sculp.t.
Private Plate. [n.d., c.1810.]
Rare engraving, proof on chine collé. Sheet 265 x 200mm (10½ x 7¾"). Trimmed into plate on three sides.
James Wathen (c.1751-1828), traveller and artist. He went on walking excursions in all parts of Great Britain and Ireland, contributing topographical descriptions & sketches to the ‘Gentleman's Magazine,’ under the sobriquet of 'Jemmy Sketch'. In 1811 he accompanied Captain James Prendergast in his ship the Hope on a voyage to India and China, in which he visited Madras, Penang, Canton, Macao, the Cape of Good Hope, and St. Helena. In 1814 he published an account of his travels, under the title ‘Journal of a Voyage to India and China’ (London, 1814, 2 vols. 4to), illustrated with twenty-four coloured prints from his own drawings. After Archer James Oliver ARA (1774-1842).
O'Donoghue: p.414.
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