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The Right Hon.ble Charles James Fox, &c. &c. &c.
The Right Hon.ble Charles James Fox, &c. &c. &c.
Engraved by Jn.o Young Engraver to H.R.H. the Prince of Wales from a Bust. Modelled after Life by J. Nollekins R.A. From a Drawing by G.A. Kemon.
London, Published Jan.y 1808, by the Engraver, No.65, Upper Charlotte Street Fitzroy Square.
Mezzotint. Plate 507 x 355mm. 20 x 14".
Charles James Fox (1749-1806), styled The Honourable from 1762, as a prominent British Whig statesman whose parliamentary career spanned thirty-eight years. Fox was the first foreign secretary of the United Kingdom and vocal supporter of American independence. Also known for his rivalry with William Pitt the Younger and a staunch opponent of George III he was reckless in politics as at the gaming tables. Fox held office briefly as a Tory under Lord North then led the opposition. Fox strongly criticised Lord North and the conduct of the American war, viewing the cause of the American patriots as a struggle for liberty against oppressive external power. He supported the revolutionaries of the United States, often dressing in the colours of George Washington's army. He championed America’s cause, denouncing taxation of Americans without their consent. Reform was a passion but as a supporter of the revolutionary cause in France, his credibility was diminished from 1792 by the excesses of the French revolutionaries.
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Francis Duke of Bedford
Francis Duke of Bedford
Drawn by J. Lonsdale from the Original Bust by J. Nollekens Esq.r R.A. Exhibited at the Royal Academy 1802, Engraved by L. Sailliar.
Published Jan.y 12 1802 by Charlotte Brydon No 4 Charing Cross
Very rare stipple, platemark 285 x 240mm (11¼ x 9½"). Small margins. Glued to backing sheet.
Francis Russell, fifth duke of Bedford (1765-1802), agriculturalist and politician. Bedford became known as a leading promoter of agricultural development. He was an original member of the board of agriculture set up in 1793, and the first president of the Smithfield Club in 1798, while he also instituted the annual agricultural fair at Woburn. Russell was also an ambitious urban developer, and used his 119 acres of land around London's West End to develop much of the Bloomsbury estate (including Bedford Square, Russell Square, and Bloomsbury Square). After Russell's death a statue was erected in Russell Square, showing Russell with one hand resting on a plough and the other holding ears of corn. Stipple after one of the three busts of Russell sculpted by Joseph Nollekens (1737-1823), whose many portrait busts make up a visual record of the personalities of late Georgian Britain.
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Sappho. [In Greek above.]
Sappho. [In Greek above.] From the Justinian Palace at Rome.
Jos. Nollekens R.A. delt. W. Byrne sculpt.
London, Published as the Act directs, March 12.1799, by T. Gardiner, Princes Street, Cavendish Square.
Engraving, sheet 280 x 215mm. 11 x 8½".
Sappho (c.630 - 570BC), ancient Greek lyric poet. From a bas-relief in Rome by sculptor Joseph Nollekens (1737 - 1823).
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