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General Orders, Horse Guards, October 29th, 1803.
General Orders, Horse Guards, October 29th, 1803. His Royal Highness the Commander in Chief has received the King's Command to convey to the several Volunteer and Associated Corps which were reviewed in Hyde Park on the 26th and 28th Inst. His Majesty's highest Approbation of their Appearance which has Equalled His Majesty's utmost expectation.~ His Majesty perceives with heatfelt satisfaction,that the spirit of Loyalty and Patriotism on which the System of the Armed Volunteers throughout the Kingdom was originally founded has risen with the ixigencies of the times and at this moment forms such a Bulwark to the Constitution and Liberties fo the Country as will enable us under the Protection of Providence to bod Defiance to the unprovoked Malice of our Enemies and to HurlBlack with Becoming Indignation the Threats which they have presumed to vent against our Independence and even our Existence as a Nation. His Majesty has Observed with peculiar Pelasure that amongst the unprecedented exertions which the present circumstances of the Country yave called forth those of the Capital of His United Kingdom have been eminently Conspicuous; tha Appearance of its numberous and well regulated volunteer Corps, which were reviewed on the 26th and 28th Inst. Indicates a degree of Attention and Emulation both in Officers and Men which can proceed only from a deep sense of the important Object for which they have enrolled themselves a just Estimatin of the blessings we have so long enjoyed and a firm and manly determination to defend them like Britons and trsmit them unimpaired to our Posterity. The Commander in Chief has the highest satisfaction in discharging His Duty by communicating these His Majesty's most gracious sentiments and requests that the Commanding Officers will have recourse to the readiest means of making the Same known to their respective Corps. Frederick, Commander in Chief….To the Volunteers of the Metropolis, this Transcript from the London Gazette is inscribed By Their most obliged humble Servant Samuel Dunbar Neely.
Neely Script. Paul Sculpt.
London: Published Mar. 8. 1803 by S. D. Neely, Bird in hand Court, Cheapside: at the Shakspeare Gallery, Pall Mall 7 at Messrs. Clay & Scrivens, Ludgate Hill.
Engraving 680 x 490mm.
A commemoration of the Review in Hyde Park.
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