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Bataille de Laupen le 21 Juin 1339. No.2.
Bataille de Laupen le 21 Juin 1339. No.2.
L. Midart inv. Sculps. et Excudit, Solodori.
à Berne chéz P.F. Tessaro M.d d'Estampes [n.d., c.1820].
Etching with hand colour. Sheet 360 x 480mm (14¼ x 19"). Some creasing and scuffing.
A view of the Battle of Laupen, June 21st 1339, between Bern and Freiburg and their allies, with infantry in the foreground and heavy cavalry behind. Like the Battle of Bannockburn 25 years earlier, the tactics of the infantry negated the impact of the heavily-armoured cavalry, resulting in high casualties among the nobility, changing the style of European warfare.
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