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Rev. Albert Barnes. [Facsimile:] Albert Barnes.
Rev. Albert Barnes. [Facsimile:] Albert Barnes. Pastor of the First Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia.
Engraved by Thomas.B. Welch (Philad.a), From a Dauguerreotype by Mc.Clees & Germon. Printed by A.E.Lent.
Published by Wm. Smith 702 S.3rd.St. Philadelphia. [n.d. c.1860.]
Mezzotint. Plate 330 x 247mm. 13 x 9¾".
Reverend Albert Barnes (1798-1870) was born in New York and attended Hamilton College and graduated from Princeton Theological Seminary in 1823. Two years later he was ordained paster of the Presbyterian church in Morristown, New Jersey. However from 1830 until 1867 he was pastor of the first Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia where he later resigned and was made pastor emeritus. He advocated the abolition of slavery and worked actively to promote Sunday-school. He later faced trial and was acquitted, but his acusers had him suspended from the ministry, but he was again acquitted in 1836. He was accused of preaching that man had free will to accept or deny the Gospel, and thus broke from strict Calvinism.
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