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[The Siege of Huy
[The Siege of Huy De Slagh by Turnhout in den Jaere MDXCVII
Jan Luyken [c.1679]
Etching, platemark 275 x 340mm (10¾ x 13½"). Very large margins. Fold through middle as normal.
The Siege of Huy in 1595, a Spanish victory in the Eighty Years' War against the United Provinces supported by England. The Protestant troops of Charles de Héraugière (on the left) lost the town to the Spanish forces and agreed the terms of the capitulation. The town, stormed with Spanish troops, is in the distance. Engraved by Jan Luyken and published in Pieter Bor's 'Nederlandsche Oorlogen' (1679-84). Luyken and his Caspar were at this time the most productive and renowned illustrators at Amsterdam, then the publishing centre of the world. The Historisch Museum in Amsterdam holds the largest collection of his work.
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