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Beppo. More than the rest one person seemed to stare. / With pertinacity that's rather rare. / It was a Turk the color of Mahogany.
William Locke Jun.r del. Lith. de Villain. V. de Villeneuve lith.
[n.d., c.1830.]
Lithograph. Printed area 205 x 140mm (8 x 9½"). Crease.
A scene from Lord Byron's 'Beppo: A Venetian Story'. A Venetian lady, Laura, off to attend the Venetian Carnival with her lover, is stalked by her long-lost husband, who had been captured by Barbary pirates. Revealing himself, Beppo accepts his wife's actions and befriends the lover. Byron's poem argues that the English attitude to adultery is hypocritical compared to the custom of the 'Cavalier Servente; in Italy.
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