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[The Spanish Armada Tapestries - The English sending in the fireships at Calais.]
[The Spanish Armada Tapestries - The English sending in the fireships at Calais.] IX.
C. Lempriere delin. J. Pine Sculp.
Publish'd by John Pine, June 24 1739. according to Act of Parliament. T. Bowles, in St Paul's Church Yard, & J. Bowles & Son at the Black Horse in Cornhill. [1753.]
Engraving printed from two plates, the scene printed in blue, the frame in black. Outer plate mark 380 x 610 (15 x 24").
A scene depicting the English fleet sending in the eight fireships among the Spanish Armada, anchored off Calais in 1588. Petrified that these would explode in their midst, most of the Spanish cut their anchor cables to escape quickly, leaving themselves at the mercy of heavy winds that drove them north. The scene is bordered by an engraved frame decorated with trophies and medallion portraits of the English Lord Admiral (Lord Howard of Effingham) and his captains, including Martin Frobisher. In 1591 Charles Howard commissioned ten tapestries celebrating the victory over the Armada from the Dutch marine painter Hendrik Cornelisz Vroom, which were hung in the House of Lords at Westminster. Over a century later John Pine, fearing that 'Time, or Accident, or moths may deface these valuable shadows', commissioned Charles Lempriere and Hubert-François Gravelot to make copies, published as 'The Tapestry Hangings of the House of Lords'. Pine's fears were well founded: the tapestries were lost when Parliament was destroyed by fire in 1834. This example is from the second and final edition.
Map Collectors' Circle 4.
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