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James Harrington Esq.r Author of the Oceana.
James Harrington Esq.r Author of the Oceana. Engraved from an Original Picture in the Possession of John Hudson Esq.r of Bessingby in Yorkshire.
Marchi fecit.
[Publish'd by J. Wesson Litchfield Street Soho.] [n.d. c.1760.]
Mezzotint. 354 x 254mm (14 x 10"), on watermarked paper. Thread margins.
Portrait of James Harrington (1611-1677), political theorist and philosopher, head and shoulders in an oval wearing a lace collar and hair in long ringlets, after on an oil in the National Portrait Gallery dated c.1635. Despite being a Parliamentarian Harrington has a close association with Charles I, becoming a gentleman groom of the royal bedchamber in 1647, a role he played at both Hurst Castle and Carisbrooke. Parliament hasd him removed in 1649 for refusing to spy on the king. After Charles's execution Harrington started work on 'The Commonwealth of Oceana', a composition of Utopian political philosophy, a metaphor for interregnum England, with its beneficent lawgiver Olphaus Megaletor representing Oliver Cromwell. Despite this, the first edition (1656) was seized at the printers on the orders of Cromwell; Harrington appealed to Elizabeth Claypole, Cromwell's favourite daughter, and it was eventually issued with a new dedication to the Lord Protector.
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