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[La Coquette Fixée]
[La Coquette Fixée]
[Peint par Fragonard, Peintre du Roi Gravée a l'Eau-forte par J. Couché, Terminée par Dambrun]
Very fine engraving, sheet 380 x 285mm (15 x 11¼"). Unfinished proof before all letters, trimmed to platemark.
'The Fascinated Coquette', engraved in reverse after the painting by Jean-Honoré Fragonard (1732-1806). Beseeched by two suitors, Fragonard's heroine crowns with a wreath of roses the boy who has won her heart; he holds a target on which two of Cupid's arrows have struck the bull's-eye. Proof before names of artist and engraver, and dedication to the Marquis de Boisandré, governor of the Château de Raincy. Fragonard was a pupil and follower of Boucher who became 'the most brilliant and versatile in 18th-century France. He wielded brush, chalk and etcher's needle with extraordinary virtuosity, effortlessly varying his touch as his produced a succession of consummate masterpieces on themes from religion, mythology, genre and landscape' (Grove Dictionary of Art).
For an original etching by Fragonard see ref. 7205.
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Tableaux de la Révolution Française.
Tableaux de la Révolution Française. Ils ne sont plus ces jours de désastres, de deuil...
Fragonard fils inv. et del. Coiny aqua forti. Malapeau sculp.
[Auber, 1804]
Engraving. Sheet: 275 x 390mm (10¾ x 15¼"). Trimmed within plate.
The frontispiece to 'Tableaux de la Révolution Française' 1804 in which three classical god-like figures descend into a battlefield, a figure who's face is hidden behind a mask holds a snake up to the first figure who holds a spear. The figures are symbols of the Revolution and the glory of France.
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