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Asie. Chine.
Asie. Chine. Musicien. Chef des Archers. Mandarin. Dame Tartare. Esclave.
Fossey del. Bocquin lith.
Imp. Lemercier, Paris.
Hand-coloured lithograph. Sheet: 290 x 230mm, (11½ x 9").
View of a room in China in which a variety of people are situated. A musician plays music while sitting on the floor, a soldier looks out and a boy holds a parasol above the head of a well dressed man. On the right a woman sits in a chair and a slave carries a tray of dishes from the room.
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Océanie. Isles de la Sonde.
Océanie. Isles de la Sonde. Musicien. Danseuse Javanaise. Négociant. Garde du Corps du Sultan du Djococarta. Prévot d'armes. Colporteur.
Passey del. Bocquin lith.
Imp. Lemercier Paris. [n.d., c1850].
Hand coloured lithograph. Sheet: 290 x 225mm, (11½ x 9").
Potraits of various figures of the Sunda Islands in the Malay archipelago, on the right a woman dances along to music played by a man sitting on a rug. Two armed men stand in the centre of the image and a man carrying goods stands on the right.
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