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St Giles's Church, Cripplegate.
St Giles's Church, Cripplegate. To the Rev.d Dr Blomberg D.D. Vicar, This Print is (by Permission) most Respectfully Dedicated, by his oblidged and obedient Servant, Cha.s H. Fairland.
Drawn on Stone by Cha.s H. Fairland from a sketch taken in the Churchyard.
Published by C.H. Fairland, 9 Bridgewater Square, Barbican.
Tinted lithograph. Sheet 250 x 265mm (9¾ x 10½").
St Giles-without-Cripplegate (i.e. outside the Cripplegate in the city walls), one of the few medieval churches left in the City of London. St Giles is the patron saint of beggars and cripples.
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