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Sauntering down Bond Street, in the evening, to
Sauntering down Bond Street, in the evening, to "Lose & neglect the creeping hours of time," espied an acquaintance on the opposite side of the way; ever alive to the chance of a supper, darted across, when a heedless "Knight of the Whip," passing with his crazy vehicle, laid me senseless; thus convey'd to the shop of an Apothecary, was stript to ascertain where I was injured. _"When sorrows come, they come not singly handed, but in battalions.".had the moritifcation of being sufficiently sensible to be aware of the exposure of my wardrobe, without the power to prevent it, lost my supper, but gained a few bruises.
London, Published by W. Egerton, 1821.
Hand-coloured aquatint. Plate 215 x 274mm. 8½ x 10¾". Water staining to the left.
Satirical scene with in a regency Apothecary or Pharmacy with the treatment of a man who collapsed after being run down by a coach and driver. The driver stands to the right offering an explantation as to how the accident happened. Four men attend to the injured man while witnesses spy in at the window.
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Was "stirring with the lark," bent on fixing myself for a month's sponge on a friend who was going to Rusticate; way laid him and accepted a seat in his gig, or rather balance room on the edge of it; had not proceeded far before he spilt me, by accidentlly coming in contact with a post, & then drove on laughing, nothing daunted, however, rose, put a good face the matter, & exclaimed "Go on I'll follow thee".
London, Published by W. Egerton, 1824.
Fine hand-coloured aquatint. Plate 215 x 274mm (8½ x 10¾"). Some time staining in margins at top.
A satire on a man falling off the back of a cabriolet.
Abby 289 Plate 1 "Sponge". See also [Ref: 21565].
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