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The Fire-Backed Pheasant of Java.
The Fire-Backed Pheasant of Java.
S. Edwards del. W. Skelton, sculp.
London, Published April 12, 1796, by G.Nicol.
Engraving, title in open letters. 355 x 300mm, 14 x 11¾". Waterstain to lower margin; a fine impression on a full sheet.
This appears to be the Crested Fireback, Lophura ignita, a forest pheasant with a peacock-like dark crest, bluish black plumage, reddish brown rump, black outer tail feathers, red iris and bare blue facial skin. From Sir George Staunton's 'An Authentic Account of an Embassy from the King of Great Britain to the Emperor of China', describing the expedition of Lord Macartney (1737 - 1806) as the first British ambassador to China.
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